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San Diego Comic Con is just around the corner (this weekend, in fact) and we are happy to say we have both mitigatedwrath and sgtmac7 reporting to us live from the con all through the weekend. 

Expect the OUAT panel to be livetweeted and photos, possibly videos (all depending on opportunities), news, info and perhaps spoilers about & relating to Regina to be shared. 

All of our posts will be tagged with SDCC and Convention. Don’t forget to check out our Twitter account for the quick and live updates as it will be happening.

Thank you to Ashley and Shawn for agreeing to cover the event for all of us who can’t be there.


R E G A L B E L I E V E R; regina/henry appreciation week! ♡

Day two: Favorite happy (or sad) sappy moment(s)


…so I bound my heart underneath my scars.

Regal Believer Appreciation week
Day Two: Favorite happy (or sad)

A heartwarming one first. The most heartbreaking one last. And two bittersweet moments in between.


Regal Believer Appreciation Week

  • Day 2 (favorite happy or sad moments)


R E G A L B E L I E V E R; regina/henry appreciation week! ♡

Day one: Favorite Regina!Mommy/Henry!Son moment(s)


2.19 | lacey


2.19 | lacey


will you accept my apology?