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The Cricket Game - Review 

So what did you guys think of the ep?  1 is “meh”, 10 is “no feels left”. Or anything inbetween? :)

  1. imsparklesitch-b answered: I hate it! but Lana Parrilla was stunning, she’s the best
  2. luckyly324b21 said: 10… I’m devastated with my Regina Feels u.u it was such an amazing episode. And Lana Parrilla, OMG! ALL THE AWARDS
  3. anasofia54 answered: 9
  4. fishy-strawberries answered: 11
  5. mommyregina answered: 100?
  6. kryptoniancape said: I would say on a feels level it’s an 8. I’m basically a mess though. It’s just frustrating because they have no idea it was Cora. And I hate seeing Regina cry. I’m really glad Archie’s alive. You can tell Regina has changed but this is going to be a really complicated…
  7. autumn-in-springtime answered: 10
  8. queenofshipz answered: So many feeeeeels. Poor Regina.
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  10. die-weltmeister answered: Ep: 7 / Lana’s acting: 1 billion
  11. thisnowisbeautiful answered: 10!
  12. blood-orange-sun answered: 10, give Lana her freaking Emmy already
  13. outlawqueensituation answered: 10 billion
  14. magnetgirl answered: I think a solid 7. But the acting by basically everyone gets a 10.
  15. mercenair answered: 10
  16. housemdwannabe answered: 9
  17. jennifermorriswan answered: 9
  18. transientsound answered: general: 6ish Regina: definitely a 10
  19. le-evilqueen answered: 10000000000000000000000000000000000x = barely breathing
  20. shametherose answered: 2 in general; 10 for Regina
  21. melanthablackwood answered: 9! :-) Loooved it. I find the screwed up relationship between Cora and Regina to be so interesting!
  22. harrysotter answered: 8, I vote 8.
  23. val-summers answered: definitely 10
  24. kristiemewis answered: 10 all because of Lana
  25. barretweed answered: 7 (for lana’s beautiful acting)
  26. lana-ismyqueen answered: 1010101010101010. And I really dislike Emma right now. And Lana too, in that I-hate-you-beacuse-you’re-amazing-but-I-cant-really-hate-you way
  27. luupitanyongo answered: 2
  28. johannnamason answered: I give it a 6 it wasn’t one of the best ones in my opinion :/
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