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Evil Regals
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New Episode - The Evil Queen
  • Those not in the US, you can watch the show live (not as a download) on livestream. (They usually work hopefully they will tonight, too.)
    Stream 1 
    Stream 2
    Stream 3
  • As for downloads: Due to piracy issues we cannot post download links here but anyone who looks hard can find them on the internet ( google ).
  • To avoid spoilers tonight and the next few days, don’t forget to blacklist any of these: “spoilers”, "ouat",ouat spoilers”, “the evil queen”,“s2”.
  • The show starts at 8pm EST. Do make sure you calculate your own time difference. For a little help, check this site
  • Enjoy the ep and then let your inspiration and feelings out in the form of gifs and graphics, etc. :)
  • Also, on this special occasion, don’t forget to use the #EvilRegal hashtag on Twitter to get it trending as a little show of support for Her Majesty.
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