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Fuck Yes Her Majesty’s Challenge 20:  Family ties

Although the whole show is about a very complicated family through all sorts of relations, no other character has so much of their family tree revealed than our Queen. Therefore, this next challenge focuses on Regina’s family ties. Her background, her family’s history, her son, etc. Blood related or not, Regina has complicated family ties. It’s up to you which one you focus on.

The rules:

  • You can make as many posts as you want.
  • You can make separate posts or one post about each of your favorite family tie/relationship.
  • It can be gif, graphic, any kind of a set, or regular and digital fanart, too.
  • Only submit your own work.

Deadline: August 15

Please make sure you tag the posts with: fyhm20 so all of us will be able to track your responses to our challenge. It’s important because we will reblog as many entries as we can. To help put spotlight on all, a link will be displayed on our blog at all times leading to the challenge entries. :)

If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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