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Once Upon A Halloween (2014)

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And what exactly do you think fairy tales are? They are a reminder that our lives will get better if we just hold onto hope.


Yo u  never  k n o w  what’s  in a person  h e a r t  until you  t r u e l y  know  t h e m…


Yo u  never  k n o w  what’s  in a person  h e a r t  until you  t r u e l y  know  t h e m

Love. It’s like a delicate flame. And once it’s gone… it’s gone forever.

Storybrooke has frozen over.

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ouat + so done (part 2)


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"It’s how you know you really got a h o m e. When you leave it there’s this feeling you can’t shake. You just miss it.”