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Anonymous said:
Are there any prizes that go with the challenges? Like graphics?

No. Challenges are just for fun. Regular themes to help inspire people and to create while the show is on hiatus.

Anonymous said:
may i ask why did you guys start doing a multi ep tag instead of saying each ep? i really liked how thorough the tagging system was before :(

I know it may be a lil inconvenient for users and we’re sorry about that. But for one, two seasons in, people now do elaborate gifsets (like all the parallels, etc) and  when you have a post with about, say, 9 episodes, tagging becomes a chore and quite a pain in the ass.

And even if we did go through that like before, Tumblr stops picking up on them after a limited number. Basically, we can tag all the episodes but Tumblr won’t display them on the blog’s specific ep tag because it is outside the limited number. 

So we continue to tag the season, the type of edit, the other characters included, ships if applicable etc. And by the time we tag all episodes, some will be missing from the list anyway.

We figured it is much easier to tag it as multi ep because that is a tag on its own as well. 

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Anonymous said:
A question about your mixtape challenge: who decides the winner? Is it based on number of notes or the FYHM blog crew?

There is no one winner - our challenges don’t work like that. They are challenges for fans to get their creative juices flowing and to share it with the fandom. It’s not a competition.

Anonymous said:
are your challenges a contest sort of thing with a winner or are they just a grouping of lots of peoples' stuff? :)

I’d say it’s the latter lol. No prizes or anything, it’s just for fun. To give people ideas, themes and motivation during the hiatus :)

elzart said:
About the challenge 17, am I allowed to enter as I've not entered any previous ones? And.. Can it be a drawing? ;n;

Yes. Sure. I keep forgetting to mention that it can be fanart aka traditional or digital drawing/painting too. And yes anybody can enter our challenges, it doesn’t matter if you have not done so before. Anyone can jump in to contribute to the ongoing challenge :)

swanqueengranger said:
Is the contest only for gifsets?

No it’s for all sorts of graphic arts. It can be a set but it can be a single graphic too. So basically graphic, gif, photosets/gifsets - but even traditional fanart (hand drawn, digitally drawn/painted, comics etc)

sociallyawkwarddeatheater said:
i think there's gonna be 23 episodes this season, judging by the fact that colin is not billed as a series regular in 'Tiny' (ep 2.13). he is supposed to be a series regular for the last nine episodes, presumably starting with 'Manhattan' (ep 2.14). 14 + 9 = 23

That’s entirely possible, too. :)

butterflyinthetardis said:
I'm sure you're more well informed than me. The 2nd season will have only 16 episodes? Because I can't find anything about how many episodes this season will have. Thanks!

OUAT has a full season order, it’ll have 22 episodes just like last season, unless ABC cuts/adds. I don’t see a chance of them cutting, possibly adding but as OUAT will be back for a third season (ratings are too solid for it to be cancelled), I think it’ll finish this season with the standard 22 episodes. :)

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